No matter the nature of the electrical work, GMF’s master electricians are the experts. All work is conducted with the highest level of safety, 24 hours a day.

Trust our master electricians


Project Design

Installation of Lightning Protection (Lightning Rod)

Installation and Modification of Cable Ladders

Grounding Verification (MALT) and Repair

Reporting of Anomalies and Issuing Correction Reports, Electrical Quality Analysis

Technical Service

Preventive Maintenance

Installation and Commissioning of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Installation of External Socket for Automotive Battery Charging

Energy Management Study and Implementation

Emergency Repair, 24/7

Study and Modification of Existing Installations


Installation and Commissioning of UPS System

Rental of Load Bank (Dummy Load) Installation, Modification of Cable Ladders

Design and Installation of Control Panels

Design and Creation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Detailed Design, Installation, and Commissioning of DC System